Waterstone has a comprehensive resume of environmental and business services including project and engineering experience.


  • Aquifer Characterization

  • Design and Installation of Groundwater Capture Systems
  • Stream Channel Characterization and Restoration
  • Open-Channel and Pressure Hydraulics

  • Flood Prediction and Routing

  • Water Quality and Flow Monitoring

  • Hydraulic Modeling and Structures Design

  • Basin Development and Conjunctive Use Management

  • Recharge Estimation in the Southwest US for Groundwater Flow Models

  • Hydrogeologic Mapping and Interpretation

  • Demographic Analysis for Prediction of Water Demand

  • Water Supply Characterization, Development and Conveyance Engineering

Environmental Characterization and Engineering

  • Non-Point Source Pollution/Total Maximum Daily Loading (TMDL) Assessment

  • Water Quality Monitoring, Data Review, and Data Management

  • Design, Installation and Sampling of Groundwater, Surface Water, and Air Monitoring Systems

  • Design, Implementation and Interpretation of Water, Soil, Air and Vegetation Characterization Programs under numerous regulatory frameworks (RCRA, CERCLA)

  • Feasibility Studies for Remediation and Reclamation

  • Environmental Engineering Studies

  • Remedial Design and Implementation

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Remedial Process Optimization (RPO)


  • Surface and Underground Mine Water Management

  • >Hydrogeologic Support for Coal and Metal Mining Operations

  • Mine Closure and Reclamation Planning

  • Due Diligence Evaluations of Mining Properties

  • Acid Mine Drainage and Water Quality Issues

  • Slope Stability and Pit Inflow Analyses

  • Dewatering and Pit Progression Design

  • Mine Waste and Heap Leach

Numerical Applications and Computer Modeling

  • Flood Plain Modeling

  • Geochemical Modeling of Waste Rock Drainage and Water Quality

  • Ground-Water Flow and Solute Transport Modeling

  • Lake and Stream Geochemical Modeling

  • Surface- and Ground-Water Flow Modeling

  • Sediment Transport Modeling

  • Optimization of Well Fields for Water Production or Remediation

  • Monte Carlo Analyses

  • Statistical Parameter Estimation

  • Model Uncertainty Analysis

  • Model and Custom Code Development

  • Geostatistics and Probability Analyses

Regulatory or Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

  • Expert Witness Testimony/Litigation Support for Groundwater Contaminant Plumes, Mine Closure Bonding, Environmental Impacts

  • Permitting Discharge and Water-Rights Support

  • Water Augmentation Plans

  • Regulatory Compliance for Landfill, Impoundment, Mining, and Waste Storage Facilities

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