Spatial Technologies For All Resources - Custom GeoWeb Software Tools

  • STAR is a secure, interactive, 3D GeoWeb-based decision-support system enhanced by custom technical tools and software development services.
  • STAR uses a secure virtual 3D globe platform to centrally access disparate databases.
  • STAR displays geospatialized data including high-resolution GIS raster image and vector files, documentation and other remotely served spatial information.
  • STAR integrates software applications that provide customized and comprehensive data analysis.
  • STAR program goals are to improve the speed and precision of resource and operational asset management for decision making.
  • STAR technologies represent a paradigm shift in shared geospatial data presentation.
  • Integrated secure GeoWeb hosting services with customizable software
  • 3D virtual globe interface
  • OGC compliance
  • Secure login and authorization access
  • Layer loading and selected layer viewing
  • Custom tools that interact with databases for in-depth analyses
  • Secure network connection and data transfer
  • Ability to share information, maps, and layers with other STAR users
  • Management and contractor interface for file uploading, progress tracking and analysis
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STAR is secure middle-tier software that works with several virtual globe interfaces. One of these is NASA's World Wind.
Click to download this free globe interface: